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What's New in Shelter and Charity Medicine? 

As part of our ongoing efforts to pull together different voices in our CPD days, we would like you to contribute to our day. 

It doesn't matter if you are a student, vet or vet nurse; in practice, a charity, a shelter or in academia. We just want you to let us all know what you are doing and thinking! 

We invite you to submit a 250-word abstract for a short 5-minute talk for the 'What's New?' section. 

The topic might be a piece of research, completed or in development. It might be a case report such as a tricky clinical, forensic or behavioural case; or an outbreak report. It might be about the results of a new shelter or clinic policy, or an account of efforts to effect behavioural change in a community. 

In return for presenting your work in the What’s New section, you’ll get free conference registration. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before, help and guidance is available. Please contact us to chat about it. 


To find out more and for any advice please contact Jocelyn Toner or Lisa Morrow 



Please submit your abstract to 

Last submission: 20 December 2021 

Decision on abstracts: early January 2022

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